Boat Builders Ltd.

Built at the McGruer yard in Glasgow, Scotland, Fairwyn has come to u on two occasions.  The first saw some new cockpit coamings and toerails, replacement of her shaft and some modifications to the navigation area.

With age, her bronze fastenings, diagonal strapping and floors had, through corrosive action degraded her planking significantly.  Originally double planked, we chose to repair her in the same fashion, peeling back the layers to above the waterline then replacing the planks from the top down.

The spiling for the inner cedar layer was sufficient not to have to spile the outer mahogany layer.  They could be used as patterns.  Some quick shaving produced an excellent fit.  West epoxy was used to precoat the inner layer, bond the two layers and  coat the outside of the finished planking.

Fairwyn has embardked on some extended cruising and was lat reported to be in the Cariribean.



LOA 42'9"
LWL 29'6"
Beam 11'9"
Draft 4'33/8"