Boat Builders Ltd.

Designed by Olin Stevens the 6 Metre Buzzy III had her aft end chopped on two separate occasions.

Those modifications had also filled out her stern with foam to try to take advantage of an earlier rule change.  Her fasteners were tired and many frames were broken.

Her new owner was committed to returning her to the original configuration an making the hull sound once more.

Bottom planks were removed up to the start of the double planking to gain access to the frames.  Patterns of the broken frames were taken and new ones laminated from oak.

The new frames were scarfed and glued, staggering the heights of these joints.  We chose to spline the entire hull and refasten as the simplest way to regain her integrity.

To return the stern to the former shape we scarfed on new lengths of clamps and horn timber and replicated the transom from the original, found on a previous owners wall.

Some temporary stringers were added to give sectional shapes.  Patterns were taken and frames were then laminated including one wide frame to butt the inner layer of planking.

The outer layer was staggered.  A new plywood deck sheathed in fiberglass set in epoxy completed the project.

Buzzy III  competed in the Sir Thomas Lipton Cup in Seattle under the watchful eye of Olin Stephens, himself.  For more information on Buzzy III and other 6 metres see the "North American Siz Metre Association".


Buzzy III